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Tip !!
You can have some text 
appear on all pages. 

Here's how 

 1. Login 
 2. Go to module with the text you want to repeat 
 3. Hover your mouse over the blue arrow next to the title 
 4. Click Settings 
 5. On Settings, go to and expand Advanced settings 
 6. The firs field under Advanced settings is Display module on all pages 
 7. Tick this and Save. 
 8. See the text on all pages
Welcome to your GNR Business Partner site
Great!!!! So you now have a site. Mmmm!!!! What now??

We have put together a small demo site to give you some ideas. It includes five basic pages that you will find on almost every website you visit.
We added some text and images to the About Us,Products,and Services pages to give you an idea of how it would look once populated.
You can go through the site and replace our text with your own.

The Contact Us page has been provisioned for you but feel free to change the settings. 
How to do this
1.Log in as an administrator
2.Go to the Contact Us page
3.Click on settings of the contact us module
4.Expand contact us settings and configure your questions which will display on the contact us page

We have also added a Lots of free stuff page which lists all our free modules and there functions.
It is also possible for you to hide this page by logging in as an administrator and changing the view permissions or hiding it in the menu.
by unticking the include in menu tick box.The page will now be hidden.

First things first
Q - How do I change my Logo?
A - Go to the Admin settings page to do this You will find this under Admin > Site Settings (you need to be logged in using the details in your email). Once there, go to the Appearance section and expand it. The first field you there is Logo. You can upload a file from your computer

Q- How do I change my password
A- Depending on the design, look for your username and click it. You will see a Manage password link from there
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